Venue Pick: XIV Karuizawa

I asked our COO Makoto Ono, about some of his all time favorite venues. For something outside of the city, Ono recommends XIV Karuizawa. If you’re like me and don’t read Japanese, their website is a bit challenging to navigate. However I have asked Ono to answer a few questions about the space and this what he said.

What makes XIV Karuizawa special?

It is an exclusive property for XIV club members and/ or their guests. It has a good atmosphere and lots of activities to choose from like golf, tennis, shopping, hiking, and quality local food and wine to enjoy. The chefs take care to use fresh, seasonal ingredients in all their dishes.

There is a gym, pool and spa and outdoor bath where you can enjoy nature.


What kind of events to you recommend in this space?

  • Executive Seminar for up to around 100 people
  • Workshops, or Round-tables

This is the perfect location to combine leisure activities with seminars or workshops for a getaway that would refresh and motivate your team or clients.


How do we get there?

It is 60 minutes from Tokyo Station by bullet train and an easy getaway from city life.




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