If you are hosting an event for less than 100 people and looking for a high class event space in central Tokyo, Wadakura Fountain Park Restaurant could be a great option for you.


The history here is nothing less than royal. Created in 1961, Wadakura Fountain Park was built to celebrate the wedding of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan.  It was renovated in 1995 for the union of Prince Naruhito and Princess Masako.

I spoke with one of our Account Managers here at peak-1, Sachiko Koyama, who attended a wedding at this event space. She told me about what stood out to here and why she has been looking forward to hosting an event here with clients in the future.

Location/ Atmosphere

Although Wadakuora is located in the heart of Tokyo, it is right next to the Imperial Palace with greenery all around making for a calm, peaceful atmosphere. The venue itself has floor to ceiling windows and high ceilings making it open and airy. The 5-star Palace Hotel Tokyo, overlooks this venue, adding to it’s convenient location and its luxury.




Because of the high ceilings the acoustics are outstanding, making this a great venue for live music and performances. Any event would do well here – from a press conference, to a launch party, company party or mini seminar. Day or night the fountains offer an ambiance you won’t easily find around Tokyo.


It is no surprise that the website is written all Japanese, but if you would like more information on holding an event here, please feel free to comment below!


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