Meet our New Global Team Member!

Keiyin is the newest member of the Global Team at peak-1.

She will assist in communicating with clients overseas to bring their promotions and events to Japan. Below is a little Q&A with her.


How long have you been in Japan?

A: 5 years now. The first year was for preparation education before college, then the second to fifth years were for college education.


Of course there are many reasons you have chosen to stay in Japan but tell us about a few of the main reasons you like living in Japan.

A: Firstly, I love Japanese food such as sushi, sashimi, ramen, yakitori etc. Of course I can enjoy these food in other places as well, but Japanese food in other places are more expensive and less delicious than those in Japan. That is why I stay here for enjoying the cheap and delicious food whenever I want.

The second reason is the beautiful scenery in Japan. For example, Kiyomizudera Temple is one of the places I always went for capturing beautiful scenes of Japan when I was living in Kyoto. I can always enjoy myself in this peaceful place in different seasons throughout the year. The atmosphere of Kyoto or that of Kiyomizudera Temple just changed totally along with the weather. This is something I can never be bored of living in Japan.

The third reason is the convenience stores in Japan. I just like spending time in convenience stores, especially checking if there are new products of Jagabee and Jgariko over there. Besides the snacks, I think the convenience store just introduced me a whole different level of convenience that a convenience store can provide. Like I can always buy daily products (e.g. lotion, maybe shampoo sometimes) when I happen to need them immediately but all the drug stores are closed. I think convenience stores in Japan are always my lifesaver.


For someone who has never been to Japan before, planning an event here or even a trip can seem like a daunting task. What would you say to someone who is trying to decide between Japan or another location in the APAC region?

A: As I have mentioned above, the scenery in Japan changes along with different seasons. For example, we can enjoy variations of natural scenery throughout the whole year, cherry blossom in spring, fireworks in summer, autumn leaves in autumn and snowy weather in winter etc. Sometimes we can enjoy autumn leaves and snow at the same time in Hokkaido. That would be something amazing to people who enjoy capturing nature. So, I think people might want to come to Japan at least four times if they would love to see and enjoy the change of scenery in Japan. Maybe people would feel they are in a whole different country when they come to Japan in each season. I guess this is something would make people choose Japan over other countries.


You are fluent in Japanese, English and Chinese. How has this shaped your existence in Japan?

A: I don’t know if this is related to your question, but knowing these three languages gave me many opportunities to take a role as a “bridge” between Westerners, Chinese people and Japanese people. Like one of my volunteer works I was doing, I went to primary schools in Japan and helped the foreign kids (2 from the US, and 1 from China) to fit in the Japanese community (e.g. mainly teachers don’t speak English) and with his or her classmates as well. Luckily, they were fitting in gradually with my help and I heard they are still doing great and have so many Japanese friends. I am sure they would not have been able to fit in as soon as they did without their Japanese language teachers as well. When I spent time with them, I shared my experience to those kids and  put myself in their shoes, then helped the teachers to understand what those kids were going through. By doing this volunteer work, teachers, foreign parents and kids can have a better mutual understanding, I felt happy because I helped people communicate with each other and helped avoid as many misunderstandings.


What advice do you have for businesses wanting to work with or within Japan but don’t speak Japanese?

A: Japanese people are being more open-minded to foreigners and know the importance of English speaking ability, compare to a decade ago. I think my advice for those people who want to work with or within Japan might have to learn a little bit of Japanese for simple conversations, and understand their culture, not just traditions but also business manners.


What types of events are you most excited to work on and why?

A: Maybe a launch event or a gala dinner for clients, because I love watching people networking. All the new projects or new ideas, new opportunities start from here, and it feels like I am watching a product which is like a baby who is going to grow. I hope you understand what I mean.


Japan is known for having 4 distinct seasons. What is your favorite and why?

A: Autumn maybe, not too cold or hot. Perfect weather for hiking or doing outdoor activities.


A lot of people like to live like the locals when they travel. What is something you recommend in Japan that would give someone this experience?

A: I might recommend people to go to an izakaya for drinks and Japanese bar snacks. Maybe watching live performances on the street is also a local thing in my opinion, like artists (singers, painters, dancers, etc).


What is your favorite tourist attraction in our around Tokyo? Or in other words, what is a *can’t miss* activity?

A: It is quite hard to pick one, Skytree, Ghibli Museum, USJ are the top three on my list. I know USJ is not in Tokyo but I just think it is way better than Tokyo Disneyland Resort. If I had to pick one place in Tokyo, I think visiting Skytree is kind of a must-do thing. People can enjoy the landscape of Tokyo and see the “heartbeat” of Tokyo from the observation deck.


Anything you would like to add?

A: I am a Hokkaido-freak, I just love everything related to Hokkaido. Especially the sweets in Otaru, I just can’t resist them. This is the only one thing I want to add.


Thanks Keiyin! We are excited to have you on our team!




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