Innovation and Graphic Facilitation

Innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organization – we value innovation at peak 1 and strive to work with clients and partners who believe this as well. A few months ago we had the opportunity to learn about graphic facilitation and how we might be able to use it for our creative projects in the future.

Graphic facilitation is the use of large scale imagery to lead groups and individuals towards a goal or conceptual understanding. The method is used in various processes such as meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences. This visual process is conducted by a graphic facilitator/ recorder.

graphic facilitation.jpg
An example of Graphic Facilitation using graphic facilitation 


We first had the opportunity to use graphic facilitation with our client DAL and their new product, ACMS Apex which is a product for Enterprise Data Integration Solutions  (エンタープライズ・データ連携基盤) that was released last year. Our creative team’s role was to find a creative solution to make the idea of data integration easy to understand to the consumer.

Our Event and Creative Manager, Sachiko Koyama proposed graphic facilitation as an innovative way to do this. Although this method is becoming more and more popular around the world, in Japan it is still a very new concept. As with all new things, it can be difficult to explain the value in doing something that hasn’t been done before. This is especially true in conservative Japanese business culture. With Sachiko’s confidence in this method however, she was able to show the client that this was a great direction to take the project.

We recommend using this type of marketing when

– Concepts or products that are new or difficult to explain or understand

– When you make an advertisement movie, it is difficult to expect the customers will watch it to the end. This method draws the message on paper and it grows and grows, telling a story, so we can get and keep the attention of the customer.

– You want to tell a story about your vision, concept, value or company. Also a solution or product which has story.

You can do this in real time at a seminar as mentioned above, or make a movie to market the product or idea.

How does it benefit the client?

– Clearly explains what they want to say or show with their product’s value.

How long does it take to complete a graphic facilitation video?

In this case it took about 2 months. This is including the time it took to agree on this method, create the concept for the movie, shoot, and edit the art, then record and edit the narration including background music.

For this project we met with the artist (went through the concept and any questions) and shot the graphic recording in one day, which took 6 hours. The pre-meeting with the artist and client together was crucial as it was an opportunity for them to confirm their product and concept is correctly expressed through graphics and removed any concern they may have had.

It took effort to arrange a block of time to execute the shooting, narration and editing, however this could be done in separate sessions as well.


Who is the artist?  We worked with Natsuko Yamada, who is a creative on many projects, one of them is graphic recording for NHK (Japan’s national broadcast station). 

If you want to get in touch with her, please contact her at her company, Sigoto Soken! 

Here is the final product for DAL ACMS Apex:

Graphic Facilitation/ Recording is a creative way to explain a new concept or product to capture your audience’s attention. Do you have experience with this method? We would love to hear your feedback!


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